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Inspired by Womxn. Created for times when we remember that we had forgotten ourselves

Best Quickie Ever! Mask


The idea behind the Quickie bar is that women run offices, break glass ceilings, create, nurture and do everything in between. So our skincare must be just as versatile and conscious. One product that targets both our face and our bodies. So that our ta-tas do not hang around with our knees before we turn 45. YIKES! Also, think of the waste. We have targeted products for everything now these days. Products for your knees, for your butt cracks, for your elbows, for your knuckles. I mean seriously!! The more targeted products we use, the more plastic waste we create. (Read More) Let's save the dolphins and other fabulous creatures in the process, shall we? 
Ordinarily, face masks take 10-20 minutes to work. Who has that much time to sit around and indulge? Let's be honest, I myself have a cabinet dedicated to all the treatment peels, sheet masks, clay masks, you name it. Having all these fancy products used to make me feel good on the cost of a slightly lighter wallet. Every single time I bought one of these products, I promised myself to use it as often as it says on the packaging and reap the benefits it claims.

But did I ever? Hell no! I use(d) it occasionally because by the time I am ready for bed, I am tired and sleepy. I naturally reach out for my usual go-tos. A basic cleanser, a moisturizer mixed with a treatment serum and little prayer on the side to wake up looking like Lily Collins if the products don’t get me there. 

Also, have you used body masks before? I have! I have strawberry legs (also known as kerasis pilaris or kp) and the desire to have the smoothest legs for summer time has led me to many homemade DIY masks that has burns like salting an open wound to some ridiculously expensive products that doesn't lasts as long to see the results. It’s not easy to sustain due to the price and not to forget...the waste I have created, it’s criminal!!!

Let me tell you, sitting around naked with a body cast, I mean... umm, mask is no fun either.  Sitting there plastered with cement looking products, cracking, peeling and shedding is just a bit unnecessary, don't you think?

Then comes Best Quickie Ever! Mask to our rescue. A 2-min treatment foam that is packaging free, is made with clean and efficacious ingredients, works like magic and doesn't require us to sit around naked, cold and drying for 20 minutes???? SIGN US UPPPPPPP!

So go on you radiant being, go get your quickie glow and mind blown. And do it without guilt. 

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