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My Quickie Story

Best Quickie Ever! Mask. Image of the founder with the product in her hand

How it all began...

I will keep it short and tell you my story quickie...I mean quickly. After some major shifts and changes in my life emotionally, spiritually and professionally I was looking to change my lifestyle in all areas. I was looking to lead a clean, less wasteful, conscious and purpose driven life.

Clean is not same as CLEAN!

I Do ME! and the product(s) were created to find better solution to skin care ritual that I could not find in the market. Products that are multifunctional, efficacious, less wasteful and more responsible. 

It is frustrating to see all the green-washing skincare and beauty companies add to their brands who come into the space looking to make profit off of women with confusing messaging. "Clean", "sustainable", "Natural" are just few of the keywords used to make us think we are making a better choice. I have fallen for it one too many times and I know you have too.

I do not think "clean" should apply just to the ingredients of the product, the packaging that these "clean" ingredients come in matters just as much. The outside matters just as much as what is added on the inside. Calling a product clean when that very product made to feel us safe is polluting our home is defeating the purpose of the word and is very irresponsible.

CLEAN should be both inside and outside

Most of the packaging  ends up in the oceans and landfills, without being recycled or reused. The data on how much waste goes into oceans and landfills from beauty and personal care industry is staggering. 70% of this waste from this 100+billion dollar industry ends up in land fills and oceans. My heart aches thinking of the irreparable damage our unconscious indulgence and vanity has caused to innocent creatures who are facing near extinction. That may sound cruel but it is the harsh reality. We HAVE to wake up and we HAVE to do that NOW!

Only Ingredients That Works, No FILLERS!

I think every woman is a skincare expert. We are experts of our own skin. We are intuitive about what our skin needs and what works for us. I have had a decade and a half experience with my own skin to know the struggles and pitfalls of using products that comes in shiny packaging with ingredients list longer than a population of a tiny village. Based on my own values, only the ingredients that are absolutely needed to maintain the efficacy of formulation has been used along with some chosen Devi (sanskrit for Goddess) ingredients that performs like Serena Williams post pregnancy comeback. You know what that means, don't you? It's a WINNERRRRR!

Best Quickie Ever! MaskBest Quickie Ever! Mask

Time to shake things up, don't you think? Let's be part of the solution rather than contribute to the problem. 



 Best Quickie Ever! Mask