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Our Mission

5% for Girls!

Can you believe that we still live in a world where girls are not only deprived of basic necessities like sanitary pads but of their childhood experiences and activities due to stigmas, taboos and misconception related to menstruation? 

Can you believe that we still live in a world where girls are trafficked violating their basic human rights to freedom for sex and slave labor?

Can you believe that we still live in a world where kids experience food insecurity while the rest of us indulge in various fasting methods to take a break from excessive indulgence? 

I cannot either!

I envision a world where every girl can enjoy her childhood and go through a normal biological process with dignity and confidence.

A world where she can grow up trusting that the world is for her to explore without needing a steward.

A world where she has enough food to nourish herself which enables her to nourish other aspects of her being.

I have partnered with Child Nepal to support 3 core initiatives of which I am a passionate supporter.

What is Child Nepal?

Child Nepal (CN) is a national level Non-Government Organization working for child rights promotion and protection in Nepal since 2003. Since the establishment, CN has engaged in policy advocacy for children’s rights in Nepal.

In addition, the organization has implemented community level child protection and education programs targeting the most marginalized and disadvantaged children in Nepal.

Currently, the organization is operating its programs in 16 local governments of four districts in Nepal. As a recognized organization in Nepal, CN is active in several global, regional and national networks and coalitions for promoting children’s rights.

Why Child Nepal?

CN conducts grass root activism and programs against child trafficking, child abuse, educational support programs to vulnerable children, child clubs formation, training programs to children, teachers and community people.

I Do ME! Areas of Focus

The 5% funds from the proceeds of the products sold on the website will be allocated to project based and event based programs in 3 core areas of focus which are:

1. Menstruations awareness and hygiene kit supplies like sanitary pads will be provided via grass root activists who works directly with the schools, local governments and the community who fall in the vulnerable category.

2. School lunch programs to improve school attendance and retention rates. These kind of programs also tackle food insecurity among vulnerable families for whom these school lunches are the only meals the kids survive on. 

3. A portion of the funds will be used for the relief, rehabilitation and recovery of natural and human created humanitarian situations targeting children and adult women. 


As the company grows and makes more sales, more funds will be allocated to various causes and I will seek more partnerships with other grassroots organizations and experts in an effort to give back and make an impact.